Sedation Dentistry

While many children are capable of sitting through a dental procedure, some struggle with anxiety, overexcitement, or special needs that can make this difficult. In these situations, our team at Cosmic Smiles offers several options to help your son or daughter feel relaxed and at ease as we improve their smile’s health.

Nitrous oxide

At Cosmic Smiles, our team offers nitrous oxide for young patients who are in need of a mild anxiolytic to comfortably experience dental care. Dr. Berlin recommend this treatment option in the following circumstances:

  • Your child has a very strong fear of dental care.
  • Your child is in need of an overly lengthy or complex procedure.
  • Your child is afraid of needles/receiving shots.
  • Your child has overly sensitive teeth and/or an overly sensitive gag reflex.
  • Your child is unable to become numb properly.
  • Your child has had a traumatic dental care experience in the past.

Nitrous oxide is also commonly known as “laughing gas,” and is designed to help your child reach a genuinely relaxed state during their appointment. Your child will breathe in the gas, and within minutes, they should feel calmer and more pleasant while still being able to respond to verbal commands from our doctor and team members. Better yet, the effects of nitrous oxide typically wear off within minutes, which means your son or daughter will be fully recovered in no time. Contact our office today if you have any questions or concerns for us, or if you’re ready to schedule a first visit!

Outpatient General Anesthesia

Sometimes, children who are emotionally unable to cooperate with dental care or who have special needs may require sedation dentistry in order for their appointment to be truly safe and comfortable. At Cosmic Smiles, our team is happy to accommodate these patients. Dr. Berlin is in the process of becoming on-staff doctor at Broward Health Medical Center, and he’ll be able to provide comprehensive treatment while your child sleeps safely with the help of sedative care.

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  • Beautiful new office and tons of parking! Thank you to Dr. Berlin for opening here in Fort Lauderdale! Both of my boys had a great time with him and are excited for the next visit!
    Sally H Pompano Beach
  • Dr. Berlin was awesome! My children never liked going to the dentist until now. The office is brand new and Dr. Berlin was so caring my kids were not nervous. Finally!
    Matt Sherman Fort Lauderdale
  • What a cool place. Easy to schedule appointments and excellent customer service. My daughter cant wait until her next cleaning. Thanks Dr. Berlin
    Ben G. Fort Lauderdale