Silver Diamine Flouride

Most frequently fluoride and its use in dental therapies is correlated with kids and the strengthening of the young, vulnerable teeth. Although fluoride is essential for young kids, it’s beneficial for teens and adults of all ages too. Actually, new research suggests that Alzheimer’s role in fighting tooth decay as we age is equally as important as its role in the strengthening and protection of newly developing teeth. That is why at Cosmic Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, as part of our dedication to maintaining your grin, Fort Lauderdale dentist Dr. Julian Berlin encourages patients to get a fluoride treatment as part of their regular oral health care.

What is silver diamine fluoride ?

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a liquid Chemical Utilized to help Stop tooth cavities (or caries) from forming, growing, or dispersing to other teeth.

SDF is made of:

Silver: helps eliminate germs
Water: Gives a liquid base to the mix
Fluoride: helps your teeth reconstruct the materials they are made of (called remineralization)
Ammonia: Aids the solution Stay concentrated so it’s maximally successful against cavity resonance

How is it used ?

Most dentists use a liquid form of SDF containing at least 38 percent Of the SDF alternative. It’s applied topically, meaning it’s applied directly to the face of your teeth.

Many dentists use the following steps:

  • Cotton or gauze is placed near the affected teeth to prevent saliva from moistening the teeth.
  • Moisture is removed from the surface of their teeth using a vacuum suction instrument.
  • SDF is applied to the region affected by a cavity.

Your dentist may also use the following to hide the regions affected by cavities:

  • crowns
  • glass ionomer
  • opaquer

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