Digital X Rays

Dental radiographs are usually called X-rays. Radiography involves exposing part of the body to a little dose of ionizing radiation to create pictures of the inside of the human body. Digital radiography gives your practice the capability to send images to other practitioners in only moments. Digital x-ray imaging is among the most crucial pillars of health imaging. Digital imaging also permits your health care team to collaborate, if needed, and to immediately compare previous exams with current ones, in order for your health is correctly monitored. Digital X-rays enable immediate diagnosis of particular conditions and give no discomfort, and frequently even no preparation, for the individual.

At Cosmic Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, among many ways we supply exceptional dental care is via using dental x-rays that let your Fort Lauderdale dentist to discover corrosion and disease sooner than what’s possible with a fundamental dental examination. As a new patient, you’ll almost certainly get a dental x-ray; Dr. Julian Berlin might also decide to have one shot if you have signals or a history of decay or disease, or when your teeth are touching and also rendering it hard to observe all surfaces. Digital x-rays, also referred to as electronic radiographs, are rapidly taking the place of conventional film-based dental x-rays and are becoming among the main improvements in dental technology now, offering our patients considerable advantages.

What Is a Digital X-Ray ?

During a digital x-ray, a little sensor is placed inside your mouth, instead of the standard paper tabs that fit awkwardly and often cause pain. The sensor is connected to a computer by a slim, unobtrusive wire and documents a highly detailed image of your mouth. The image is then sent into the computer, where it’s instantly projected on a screen for your dentist to reassess.

Bitewing x-rays would be the most frequent kind of intraoral radiograph. Traditionally, uncomfortable parts of film were placed inside the mouth to your patient to bite down while the x-ray has been taken. With digital technology, the tiny sensors make this type of imaging considerably more comfortable. A panoramic x ray is a extraoral x-ray where a system rotates around the head. The resulting images permit the dentist to see the entire mouth at the same time.

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