Children’s Dentistry

Gentle Individualized Children’s Dentistry

We recommend children visit a pediatric dentist by the first birthday or within six months of when their first baby tooth erupts. Although it seems early, we find that regular visits to our office allows small children to become comfortable and familiar with our pediatric dental team. With positive dental experiences, most kids feel more comfortable, grow to love coming to the dentist and look forward to their appointments!

Dr. Berlin and our staff will introduce pediatric dentistry to your child with terms he/she can relate to according to his or her age and level of emotional maturity. During their first check-up, we will complete a full mouth clinical examination checking for decay, proper eruption and jaw development. We will provide a cleaning to remove decay-causing plaque and apply a protective fluoride treatment. Our team will also make suggestions on healthy food choices and how to properly brush your child’s teeth, along with examples on what toothbrushes and toothpaste we recommend using on your child. X-rays will only be taken if it is deemed necessary to evaluate the developing teeth and jaws.

Parents are always welcome to accompany the child into the treatment area. The parents presence is usually comforting and encouraging in a new situation. Many toddlers even sit on a parent’s lap for the appointment!

 How can I prepare my child for their first dental appointment?

Prepare your child for his or her first visit by using a positive approach. If your child has any questions, answer them briefly and enthusiastically. Please don’t use words that might cause unnecessary fear, such as “needle”, “shot”, “drill” or “hurt”. Instead say: “the dentist is going to count your teeth and sparkle them and show us how to keep them healthy”.

Bringing along an older sibling can also make it encouraging as they watch a loved on go through the process. Our entertaining and playful environment with games and books about teeth, is decorated with kids in mind. Some children have so much fun in our office, they don’t want to leave!

And to us, that’s success: being able to form a trusting and friendly relationship with both them and you (the parent) and have healthier smiles for life!

Special Needs Care

At Cosmic Smiles, we enjoy treating all children, and those with evelopmental, medical and behavioral challenges, including, but not limited to, anxiety, sensory issues, autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and developmental and speech/language delays are always warmly welcomed. As with all of our patients, Dr. Berlin and our team will not use potentially frightening language and take the time to understand your son or daughter’s unique condition to accommodate your child’s preferences and comfort level. This can include flexible scheduling as well as separate exam room if needed.

Some children need more support to feel comfortable during dental treatment. That’s when sedation or hospital dentistry may benefit your child. Nitrous Oxide and hospital anesthesia are available to help make the treatment as comfortable and as least traumatic as possible under ideal circumstances.

Dr. Berlin has an advanced training beyond dental school in working with all children, especially with education in behavior management, sedation and anesthesia techniques. He will discuss with you the specific technique recommended, its benefits and risks and will make sure all your concerns are answered and your child is safe and comfortable throughout his/ her entire visit.

Healthy Smiles & Happy Visits

  • The doctor is wonderful love the staff my kids love going to the office is very clean and nice.
    " Keyandra Raines "
  • Dr Berlin is great with kids. He is also professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to friends and family.
    " Mike Shan "
  • This is a Very Good dentist, that does a Great dental work. Very Professional dentist. My kids Love going to this dentist to get their teeth checked out and cleaned. The dentist is Great with kids. The atmosphere is Very Exciting with the star wars theme. I promise you your kids will never get bored. What ever movie or video game your kid like ,while waiting is available to you. Great Staff of People to be around. One of a kind. I Really like this dentist for my kids until they become 21 years old of age.
    " Corey Jordan "
  • Lovely Dental office, Very clean and kid friendly. Just perfect for the kids. The doctor is very nice and knowledgeable. Front Desk Person was so kind and patient. I would recommend this office to everyone with children.
    " Following Tondra "
  • Dr Berlin awesome and very professional! They made my daughter feel comfortable from the moment she walked in. The staff is so friendly especially Sara and they have a lot of toys and cartoons to keep the kids busy .Definitely recommend this place !
    " IT Girl "
  • 5 stars customer service. I went with my 6-year old daughters and it couldn’t be better. Totally recommended.
    " Alexandre Soncini "
  • A magic experience between my girls and the doctor. Was an amazing experience, my kids don’t even stop talking about the good doctor that brush her teeth. Thank you so much.
    " Amanda (: "