Meet Our Team


Office Manager

Sarah is the Force Marshal, which is commonly referred to as the Fleet Admiral. She hails from a small village called Great Neck, located on the concrete planet known as New York. At a young age she was accepted into the Sanford Brown Institute for young Jedis, and within a few years, she emerged as […]


Dental Assistant

Solanch joined the Cosmic Smiles fleet in Summer of 2019. She graduated from the Intergalactic Space Dentistry Program which is a galaxy-wide event organized by FIU. In 2016 she emerged with a Bachelor of Biology and is currently a fourth-year dental lieutenant at NSU. Upon arriving on the USS Cosmic Smiles, she was decorated with […]


Marketing and Communications Manager

Jani has a tremendous amount of expertise in the field of Galactic Communications. Aside from serving as the resident expert of verbal and digital conversation, her skills help to implement strategies and create technological systems that are designed to expand and enhance all aspects of the USS Cosmic Smiles, fleet members included. This is done […]


Dental Assistant

Claudia is the resident Corporal of Oral Hygienist for the USS Cosmic Smiles. She hails from the amazing planet called El Salvador of the Paradise Space Belt. Her love for dentistry started when she traveled via her auto-piloted space ship at the age of 5, and visited one of her planet’s local dentistry fleets. She […]


Dental Assistant

Gisela a native of the beautiful planet Brazil. Around 16 years ago, she left her home planet aspiring to become a Dental Advisor for a galactic space fleet. Her adventures throughout her journey taught her a lot of useful information, and groomed her for her arrival on the densely populated planet of Earth, which is […]